Private and Public Commissioned Artwork

Tada!’s clients are frequently surprised by what they receive in quality and value, while respectively keeping to budget. When a client commissions us for a project, a consultation is scheduled and ideas are exchanged. It is then back to the studio to work on your sketches, designs, colors, and samples. This process takes time and multiple proofs can be made until we find the right looks for you. Of course every project is different, so we do start at a $50 deposit fee for longer consultations and/ or additional meetings. A copy of our Letter of Agreement is linked on the website so you know exactly what is expected of the design consultant and you. Below are some simple price points to help give you a general start.

Traditional and Digital Arts focuses on large scale projects, specializing in traditionally painted murals to digitally producing large format graphics and everything in between. We also enjoy the time in the painting studio working on smaller one-of-a-kind artworks, on commissioned basis. 


We are excited that you have considered us to transform your public or private space and look forward to seeing your ideas in color!